Ya did WHAT?

Ever made a big decision and had someone say that to you? Do you sometimes struggle to align who you are with what you’ve done? Well you’re not alone!

When I purchase She Styl’n back in September it’s fair to say it was received with somewhat mixed emotions. Although it came with the most amazing team of makeup artists, hair stylists and beauty therapists, I’m not personally a makeup artist! Unless of course you count my first job at 16 with Nutri-Metics, and then there was that Boy George phase back in the 80’s (thank God we didn’t have smart phones back then) and yes I’ve dabbled over the years in different beauty modalities and done weddings for friends, but I am by no means a “qualified” artist.

Soooo, what were you thinking, I hear you ask? Well, I may not be an artist, but I have a incredibly talented, passionate and yes, even qualified daughter who is. And another daughter very well versed in admin who was pregnant at the time with her 2nd son and a desire to be a work from home mama, and yet another daughter (we have 4 and a son) who has her degree in business, you see where I’m going?

So why did I buy a mobile makeup business?

After chatting with Nicole, the previous owner, and with her encouragement, blessing and MUCH prayer, I came to the conclusion that this could be really a great opportunity for our family and in my usual cautious way (not) I dived right on in!

It’s only been 7 odd months, but the changes, challenges and discoveries it has brought to me thus far has been very revealing and ultimately rewarding. You see, at the end of February I decided for various reasons to leave my full time job as a florist and focus on She Styl’n. Now what? Where do I fit in? And what do I have to offer a makeup business? Have you ever felt like that?

Through many quiet moments of prayer, soul searching, reflection, revisiting previous coaching and working with my mentor I’ve FINALLY had a personal breakthrough. Like I have said in a previous post, I have a team of very talented, qualified and seriously amazing artists here at She Styl’n, and while they are the arms and legs, the physical force that can transform your outer look, I’m here to be the heart and soul! To connect with you on a more personal level, to offer encouragement and support, to uplift and embrace, to share and laugh with you, to create a community of vibrant, compassionate souls that are looking for something more than just external beauty. A safe place to discover and unveil your own unique personal beauty, for you are beautifully and wonderfully made!

To find our Tribe!

I know this is only the beginning, it’s the tip of the iceberg and I’m loving it, I look forward to the future with so much joy and expectation and can’t wait to share it with you all!

Come with me, will you?


Teonie 🙂

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